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tomatoes growing on the vine in an outdoor garden
They never ripen at once but they sure are pretty. By removing foliage around the tomato clusters you allow the fruit to get sunlight and ripen faster! 🍅
a woman holding a bowl full of greens in her hands with the words 3 things no longer tell garden clients
3 things I no longer tell my garden clients and why!
two hands holding a red radish in the middle of some green plants
Grow your own veg
Stop expecting your homegrown veg to look like what you buy at the grocery store. Embrace diversity!
someone is cutting up some green leaves in a bowl on the ground next to scissors
Cut and come again lettuce
This leafy green is grown for baby leaf lettuce and does not mature into heads. Instead, it is harvested by cutting it 1.5” from the base. It then regrows several times.
some carrots are laying on the ground together
Thin your carrots
Thin your carrots and enjoy them as a snack while you work in the garden. These rainbow carrots are incredibly tasty and the tops are saved for carrot top pesto.
an eggplant growing on a plant in the garden
Eggplant in an urban garden
My client is a chef and is a huge fan of cooking with eggplant. These nightshades like full sun and lots of compost.
potatoes and other vegetables in a basket on a wooden table next to a basket of lettuce
Can you dig it?
Potatoes are easy to grow in urban gardens using bags.
a basket filled with lots of vegetables on top of a wooden floor next to other fruits and veggies
Grow the rainbow
Beets and chard are staples in our garden. They can be sown early and often!
a large green plant in the middle of some plants
Lacinato Kale
A must for every vegetable garden this kale can be planted as soon as the ground is workable and continues to flourish through the Fall, when it only gets sweeter.
a person picking up leaves from the ground with their hands on top of an unripe plant
Organic Radicchio
Growing organic radicchio - such a unique and intense flavour. A must grow for the salad garden!