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a woman kneeling down next to a plant in the middle of some dirt and grass
David Austin Roses
David Austin roses are welcome additions to your rose collection and produce the most heavenly scented blooms.
a woman is digging in the garden with her boots on and holding a gardening tool
Digging Potatoes
Few things are as satisfying as digging potatoes. Organically grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. These potatoes grew well in predominantly clay soil because of our no till gardening methods and lots of compost added to the soil.
a woman is tending to her garden plants
In the urban garden
This pic was taken when expecting my fourth baby and starting my garden business. Lots of tomatoes pictured.
a woman in a straw hat tending to plants
In my urban rooftop garden
This garden is on the roof of our urban home. It is incredibly productive with over 20 different annuals and perennials being grown. It feeds a family of six very well and helps to achieve our vision of urban homesteading. Urban farming at it's best!