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the top 10 microphones for acoustic guitars by guitarspace org - front cover image
The Top 10 Microphones for Acoustic Guitars
Here, we’ll take a look at the best microphones for recording acoustic guitars, across a range of budgets, to suit everybody from bedroom guitarists tinkering about on laptops, to the chief engineer at Abbey Road. #mic #microphones #review #guitarists via @theguitarspace
the martin d - 28 guitar is open and ready to be used for concert purposes
A Closer Look at the Amazing Martin D-28 Guitar
an acoustic guitar is shown with the caption's name and description below it
Eastman E10P Review
The E10P Parlor is known to be a guitar that is extremely easy to play for people of all sizes; it’s an instrument that is easy to hold and feels lightweight. The neck and the fretboard are half of an inch below the standard dreadnought length, which makes this guitar play like a real gem no matter the player’s size or preference in style. Read on to learn more about this guitar! via @theguitarspace
an electric guitar with the words one of the most loved seven - strings
Ibanez Prestige RGD2127FX: One of the Most Loved Seven-Strings
Ibanez originated in Japan, but throughout the years, they’ve had a large output of instruments from Indonesia and China. The Prestige range comes from its home country, and as such, is marketed with pride and, well… prestige! We’re in the price-range of enthusiasts and professionals, so the expectation of this instrument is that it will achieve a high-quality product all around, in terms of parts, construction, tones and playability. Let’s see if it does! via @theguitarspace
the top 2x12 speaker cabinets for guitar players who want to rock
The Top 2×12 Speaker Cabinets for Guitar Players Who Want to Rock!
If you’ve been thinking about getting a new 2×12 cabinet for your rig, either in upsizing from a combo, or downsizing from a half-stack, this list should equip you with some information to point you in the right direction for your research. #speaker #cabinets #rock #guitar #guitarplayers via @theguitarspace
the cover of how to choose the right guitar strings for beginner's guitar
How to Choose the Right Guitar Strings
Before purchasing strings for your guitar, make sure you know what tension your guitar can handle, what type of guitar you’re playing, and what gauge you want to start playing on. Light gauge strings are easier for beginners to play on; once you’ve had some time on light gauge strings, you can build you way up to medium or heavy gauge strings. via @theguitarspace
a blue electric guitar sitting on top of a white wall with the words mayones setup 7
Mayones Setius 7 GTM: A Top Seven-String to Consider
Mayones do not make budget guitars. These are for the pros. Their Setius range is the closest to a regular Superstrat body, and comes in a huge variety of options. Let’s take a look at the parts, construction and sounds, to see if their high end status is justified. via @theguitarspace
an electric guitar is shown with the text ephone s6 special electric guitar review to love
Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar Review to Love
One of Epiphone most popular models from their lineup is the SG Special, as it has been seen in the hands of some of the most legendary guitar players. However, it’s also a popular model among players who aren’t so famous and that’s because it’s a guitar that fits within a beginner’s budget. Continue reading to know more its pros and cons! via @theguitarspace
the anatomy of a guitar and how it's functions can help you learn to play
The Anatomy of a Guitar- Terms You Need to Know
You are most likely reading this article because you are a beginning guitarist. Welcome to the guitar world! As a beginner, there are at least twenty-one parts of a guitar’s anatomy that you should know about. There are two types of guitars: acoustic and electric. Check them out! via @theguitarspace
an electric guitar with the words, squir affinity telecaster review for all of you to love
Squier Affinity Telecaster Review For All of You to Love
Squier Affinity Telecaster is a great guitar for a beginner or just someone looking for a cheaper axe to throw around. It looks beautiful, the hardware is mostly reliable (including the tuners, which is noteworthy for a budget guitar), and the tone is surprisingly good given the guitar’s cheap price tag, although the stock pickups are admittedly a bit thin and hummy. via @theguitarspace
two guitars are shown with the words,'d'angelicoo review why i love
D’Angelico DC Premier Review: Why I Love this Intermediate Guitar [2019 Update]
D’Angelico may not have as much brand-clout as other names, but in guitar manufacture terms, the six years since their relaunch isn’t a long time at all, and I expect to see a lot more about them going forward. This guitar is highly reminiscent of a guitar by Gibson and its Epiphone counterpart. #guitarists #guitarreview #review #guitars via @theguitarspace
an electric guitar with the words ephone special ii review you'll love
Epiphone LP Special II Review You'll Love
If you’re looking to get a cheap guitar that excels in the areas of rock, blues, metal, or other distortion-heavy playing, this would be a great option for you. With overall pretty good hardware and construction for a budget guitar, and a mahogany body consistent with the original Les Paul’s design, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. #guitar #guitarreview #review #guitarists via @theguitarspace
the best seven string guitars by budget
The Best Seven String Guitars by Budget
We’ll look at the top five seven-string guitars currently available, across a range of budgets, considered in terms of parts, construction, tones, and playability. via @theguitarspace
an electric guitar is shown with the caption for espl dm - 17
ESP LTD M-17: A 7-String Guitar We Love
This is a no-frills, all-fun guitar. If you’re looking to just make some noise, you won’t go wrong with the M-17. This is very much for the riffs though, and likely to suit rhythm players best. It’s not that it can’t do lead, it’s just that it won’t be as much fun, because it takes a little more to tease out a good lead tone that will cut through the rest of a band’s noise. via @theguitarspace
an electric guitar with the caption that reads, comparison tat special 7 the ultimate review
Caparison TAT Special 7: The Ultimate Review
This is such a great guitar and definitely recommended for prog rock players looking to push some boundaries, while retaining a well-defined guitar sound. That’s largely to do with the quality of the materials used. Obviously, the cost makes it somewhat prohibitive. As with any guitar of this price, they don’t really lose value, and if you can afford it as an investment piece, it would be worth considering. via @theguitarspace