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the sundial hill medicine wheel travel guide and tips
Indigenous Tourism - The Holiday Lens
As Covid-19 lock downs come to an end, its important not to forget the Indigenous travel and tourism industry. This article is a call out to understand and visit Indigenous related tourism. Check it out and follow some links! Then visit.
an old barn with snow on the ground and text overlaying it that reads, photography
Visiting Raley, Alberta - The Holiday Lens
Discover the beauty of winter on the great plains of Alberta. In this article I tell you how to get to the ghost town of Raley in Cardson County and show you pictures take on the old Alberta Pacific Grain Elevator.
an old red brick building sitting in the middle of a field with tall grass growing out of it
Photographing Dorothy Alberta
Looking for ghost towns to photograph in Alberta, Canada? Dorothy is one of my favorite ghost towns with its beautiful old grain elevators and churches. Visit this location in the Alberta Badlands! But check out y blog post first! Just cause!
the sundial hill medicine wheel travel guide and tips
Sundial Hill Medicine Wheel
On the North American plains there are religious sites dating back thousands of years. These religious sites were constructed by the First Peoples to settle these lands. And these locations are some of the most hauntingly beautiful places you will ever see! If your thinking of visiting or just interested in aboriginal cultural please click and read my article on Sundial Hill Medicine Wheel!
a lake surrounded by mountains and trees with the text, malgine lake travel guide & tips
Maligne Lake Travel Guide & Tips
In this blog post I take you to the beautiful Rocky Mountain destination of Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. Maligne Lake is one of Canada's best destinations so be prepared well in advance. Read my article to find out what to do and how - summer or winter!
grain elevators i photographed in 2020 by the photographer's side, with an overcast sky behind them
Alberta Grain Elevators - 2020
In this post I take you to the great plains of Alberta and show you the Grain Elevators that I photographed in 2020. Check out all the images!
an old abandoned house sitting in the middle of a field with snow on the ground
Memento Mori - 4K Timelapse Film
Check out my haunting new 4K Timelapse Film portraying the disappearing rural farms, homesteads and grain elevators. Don't forget to comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel!
an alleyway in stockholm with the words stockholm - your must see guide on it
Stockholm - Your Must See Guide
Visiting Stockholm, Sweden soon? There are some things you just gotta do. No, really. Must see. I put this quick guide together to help you find 'em!
a woman walking in front of a giant sculpture with text overlay that reads, galaxy instagram spots the really bg list
Calgary Instagram Spots - the Really, Really Big List
Looking for the best instagram spots in Calgary? Look no further. This is the big list. 'Nough said!
a lake with mountains in the background and text that reads best things to do in jasper national park
5 Best Things to do in Jasper in Summer
Visiting Jasper National Park this summer? There is a lot to do and see but which will you do first? In this article I pitch 5 things you should consider doing first! Click away!
there is a pile of skulls with the words head - smashed in buffalo jumbo unosco world heritage site
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Wow! - The Holiday Lens
Where to start with Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump? Hmmm. Well, there is a growing interest in North America’s indigenous peoples. In Canada, we typically refer to indigenous people as First Nations. And with this growing interest in North America’s first peoples, there is a corresponding increase in tourist visits to indigenous heritage sites. And one of the most interesting of these sites is in south western Alberta at a place called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.
colorful sculptures in front of a building with geometric designs on the facade and side walls
Calgary Central Library, Photos to Inspire - The Holiday Lens
Calgary has just built a new Central Library. And its a library like no other! Thinking about visiting but not sure? Or just want to see some amazing architectural pics? Then click on my recent blog post on this new Alberta attraction and get ready to go borrow some books!
the grain elevators and photography passions book cover is shown in front of a snowy field
Grain Elevators and Photography Passions - The Holiday Lens
Why do we photograph grain elevators on the great plains of Canada and the United States? For me, photographing elevators is a passion. Read this article to find out why and see a few nice grain elevator images. Alberta, Saskatchewan and more1
a large black cross sitting in the middle of a field with text overlaying it
Visit Amazing Batoche, Saskatchewan
Thinking about visiting one of the Canadian Prairie's most remarkable cultural sites? Then read this guide on what the attractions available at this remarkable Metis historical site!
a hotel lobby with couches, chairs and fireplace in the background that says banff springs hotel so haunted
Banff Springs Hotel, So So Haunted - The Holiday Lens
Looking to stay in a beautiful hotel that also has ghosts? read this article for the many stories of the ghosts that haunt the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff National Park!