Burger Time!

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a hamburger with meat, lettuce and bacon on it sitting on a cutting board
The Black Workshop
fattributes: Bacon Blue Cheese Burgers with Arugula & Quick Jalapeno Jam
hamburgers with meat, cheese and lettuce on them
Black and Blue Cajun Burger
These black and blue burger is thick and juicy and holds so many unexpected flavors. Spicy seasoning, creamy remoulade and crunchy chips make this burger outstanding!
a hamburger with lettuce and strawberries on a red plate next to a green lawn chair
Black and Blue Burgers - Emily Bites
These Black and Blue Burgers feature spicy blackened seasoning and cool, creamy blue cheese cole slaw for a flavor combination you're sure to love. Just 334 calories or 9 Weight Watchers points each! www.emilybites.com