Newfoundland and Labrador History in Colour

Restored and colorized historical pictures of Newfoundland and Labrador
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an old time photo of three men sitting on a bench with their arms crossed and looking at the camera
Newfoundland Dock workers 1905
several people are playing in the water near some rocks and trees, while one person is swimming
River Swim in 1961
Another dip in Rennie's River, just north of Elizabeth Ave, at a place called Sliding Rock. 1961
a man standing on a dock next to two boats in the water and one is pulling something out of the water
Newfoundland and Labrador History in Colour
A typical summer scene in rural Newfoundland in 1961. Location unknown.
a woman standing in front of an old car
An employee of a childrens home, possibly the United Church or Church of England orphanage, in St. John's circa 1955. Great car!!
a man sitting on top of a rock next to a dog
Service dog “Major” of the Newfoundland RCMP detachment signals to searchers that he has found a missing boy, 1958 coloured
a man in a sailor's outfit is posing for a portrait with his hands on his hips
Restored and Colorized - World Wars 1 and 2
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a woman standing next to a spinning wheel in front of a white brick building with an open window
A lost art. Alice Boland in Ferryland, Newfoundland in 1938
many people are climbing up the side of a boat in the snow while others walk by
Here is a pic I restored and colourized of #Newfoundland swilers going over the side onto the sea ice. Year unknown.
a man sitting on rocks in front of a waterfall
My latest restoration and colourization is of a young lad at Topsail Falls, #Newfoundland in 1910. Digital high resolution copies available.
an aerial view of a small town near the water and land with lots of trees
United States military's Fort Pepperell on the shores of Quidi Vidi lake in St. John's. Picture was taken in Sept 1942 at which time it was "classified." - Colorized by
a man is standing in front of some old wooden barrels and other items on the ground
Bowring's wharf in St. John's Newfoundland circa 1915. Colorized by Contact me for high resolution digital copies.
a man sitting on top of a wooden bridge next to a body of water with people walking down it
View of St. John's harbour from the path to Fort Amherst circa 1910