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What is an Electrical Thermal Imaging Inspection?
An electrical thermal imaging inspection is a non-destructive technique that is used to inspect electrical equipment, wires, appliances, and electrical panels by obtaining heat distribution pictures. This inspection method is based on the fact that when any electrical part or wires malfunction, it raises its temperature. Often the temperature rises when there is any fault in an electrical circuit due to faulty wires or loose connections.
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Has Your Insurance Company Thrown You A Curve Ball?
We have learned that more and more insurance companies are requesting businesses to have a thermographic inspection completed in order to renew existing policies, or in some cases to become insured in the first place. Normally these inspections focus on the electrical aspect of your building as a preemptive measure against any potential hazards. If you have found yourself in this situation call Thermo Elite today. We have been dealing with these situations for some time now.
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Insurance Companies Are Requesting Thermal Electrical Surveys
Our thermal inspection services are a proven useful part of an overall condition-based maintenance strategy. Many top insurance companies are requesting thermal electrical surveys from us. The process is quick and effective in visually pinpointing the precise problem area in a building. Contact Thermo Elite Inc. today at 1-844-969-5150 to know more about our services.
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Electrical Inspections Help reduce the risk of building fires
At Thermo Elite Inc. we have the most advanced IR equipment and a qualified team of professional thermographic inspectors. We can identify possible fire hazards in electrical, mechanical, and steam system components. Reach out to us before any malfunction occurs, ensuring the safety of your building and its inhabitants.