Heat Loss Inspection

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How can you tell if your house is losing heat?
A thermographic inspection is extremely helpful to determine if and where your home is losing heat, often causing your energy bills to sky-rocket. We can identify hotspots in your building with our high-end IR camerasthat measure surface temperatures and produce thermal images. Our certified thermographers are well trained in this area and will provide a detailed report of their findings after the inspection is completed.
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Identify Heat Loss with Thermal Imaging
At Thermo Elite Inc. we can help you identify heat loss with thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is an efficient method of locating the sources of heat loss in your home or business. A thermal imaging camera can be used to detect air leaks around windows and doors, examine the ductwork for leaks, and help you find if insulation is missing or defective insulation.
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Benefits of Thermal Imaging Inspections
Thermal imaging is an advanced technology that allows homeowners to better understand their homes and any issues they may have. Energy loss in the building, detecting moisture intrusion, locating electrical hot spots, and finding water leaks in one’s home are just a few of the many benefits of thermal imaging inspections.