Water Leak Detection

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Thunderstorm Watch
With a thunderstorm advisory underway today through tomorrow we tend to get very busy with water infiltration issues. If you happen to be one such homeowner worried about water getting into your home reach out to us today to book an appointment as soon as possible.
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Rain Rain Go Away
When it rains, sometimes it really does pour. At least this is certainly the case if you happen to fall victim to water issues in your home. If your worried you may have a problem with water then contact our team of Thermography specialists today to find the issue for you. We can also assess any damage that may have already been caused.
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Water Leak Detection| When It Rains It Pours
It looks like we have some rain in the forecast later in the week. If you are worried about any water issues you may have in your home or business, get us in today to perform an Infrared Thermographic Inspection and determine if your worries are truly cause for concern.
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Water Infiltration Testing Using Infrared Thermography
Thermal imaging cameras are an important part of our engineers' toolkit because they aid in the detection of water infiltration. The presence of unnoticed water in a building can have an impact on its value, durability, life-cycle maintenance cost, and occupant health. At Thermo Elite Inc. we specialize in water infiltration testing using infrared thermography to detect subtle temperature differences and patterns that reveal the existence of water and most importantly finding the source.