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Going Deep and Leading Intuitively with Jennifer Jane Young
Surface level living is no longer an option for me. I had an inspiring conversation on why it is SO essential for us to go deeper, below the surface of what we already know so that we can hear the guidance of our intuition. There is magic down there waiting to emerge in you ✨ I hope this chat inspires you to couragously look for your truth and follow it Enjoy the conversation!
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Your Circle Is Critical To Your Success / Jennifer Jane Young
Are you taking the time to nurture and appreciate your inner circle? THEY are ambassadors of your growth and success. Collaboration is my word for 2023. Nurturing my inner circle is my #1 priority because THESE people are made me who I am today. They are the people who helped me get to where I am, achieve success, celebrate wins and who held me up in hard times. This was one of the most touching conversations I have had in a long time.
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Testimonial / Jennifer Jane Young / The School of Intuitive Leadership
"Oh my freaking goodness - what magic brought all these amazing women together?! I'm so honored and excited to be a part of this group! Thank you Jennifer Jane Young!" - Cory Peterson Connect with Cory: LinkedIn: Instagram: