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a pile of donuts with sprinkles on top and the words just stopped at
Just stopped at the drug store. Bought a bag of chips, a chocolate bar, a bag of Swedish fish, a box of tampons and a box of midol. The guy who rang me up just looks at me a goes "I'm sorry"
three men sitting in front of a blue screen with the caption normal person 76 = 13 me if 17 is 8 & is one less than 7 then 78 must be 13
I consider myself a genius
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flowers with the words sometimes you just have to close your eyes
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the guy in front of me walked into a post and i was so busy laughing that i ran into the same post we're going out for coffee tomorrow
This is probably the only scenario where I could get asked out... | Funny Stuff | Funny, Funny pictures, Funny stories
a black and white photo with the words sure, sometimes i question my parenting but to be honest, sometimes i question my child's
33 Amusing Memes That Probably Wont Make You Feel Any Smarter
a white background with the words me i'm going to need to leave early today
Introvert Problems
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Beer advent calendar I made for my husband, drink and be merry!
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I'll try again tomorrow - Meme Collection
a black and white photo with the words, my house keeping style is best described as there appears to have been a struggle
the words look around all that clutter used to be money
25+ Amazing Decluttering and Minimalist Quotes For A Simpler Life
an image of a man screaming in front of a fan with text that reads, ninos de 7 aos de hoy con tablets y smartphones yo los
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