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Thoughtful Logs
Why didnt i think of this?!? rubric for reading response journals. (Marzano)
an image of people on a boat with the caption poem every child should know
Poems Every Child Should Know
Poems every child should know. Free download.
the book cover for 40 books every child should read and adults too are able to
a young boy is reading a book about the lightning thief, with his eyes closed
67 Books Every Geek Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10
67 Books Every Parent Should Read to Their Kids Before Age 10. Fabulous list.
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Free Editable Reading Management Binder
Incredible reading management binder to track student progress. Every form you will need for assessing students and developing instruction. A great addition to your reading workshop management.
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Poem of the Week
using a poem of the week to teach poetic devices as well as figurative language, author's purpose, etc...
an assortment of activities and materials used to teach numbers -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspcommoncoreclassrooms Resources and Information.
Great activities for RtI, small groups, or literacy centers! Foldable, Roll A Word, Picture Sorts, & More!
a poster with words and pictures on it that say effining blends in different languages
7 easy, fun & inexpensive reading ideas for preschoolers! Montessori, Activities For Kids, Preschool Reading, Preschool Literacy, Teaching Kids, Literacy Activities, Early Literacy, Early Learning
Language Development Tips for a 3 Year Old
7 easy, fun & inexpensive reading ideas for preschoolers!
a hand with five tips for choosing the right word to read in order to find out what you're reading
primelib / 5 finger reading test
The 5 Finger Tips for Choose a Book To Read for Kids
6 New Ideas for Reluctant Readers
6 New Ideas for Reluctant Readers
6 New Ideas for Reluctant Readers
a poster with children sitting on books and the text help my child doesn't like books 25 ideas to get your little one to love reading a former teacher and her two little ones do preschool at home!
25 strategies to get children to love books. Research shows language is the key to future academic success and literacy begins at home.