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The owner of The Bone Natural Pet Boutique and a self-proclaimed Powerhouse Holistic Diva, Jessica Mowforth is the first to admit she doesn’t quite “fit in” with .


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When AJ Molinari started Subject II Change in she had no idea whether her one part lust for life one part rock and roll jewellery company .

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Keysha Freshh is a powerhouse on the mic, lyrical mastermind and overall one of Toronto’s top female MCs. In the male-dominated world of MCing, Keysha holds .


Jasmine Mowgen is somewhat of an accidental entrepreneur, initially creating Japanese-inspired decoden pieces for herself, the whimsical sculptures caught the attention of friends, and soon .


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Toronto comedian Lauren Mitchell was walking on Adelaide with her sister when a guy started yelling at her from his car.


At an age when most youths are trying to figure out what they’d like to major in at college, Amanda Pope, launched her first .


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Six years ago, frustrated after years being unable to find the right skin care products to treat her sensitive skin, Wan Lu tried a DIY .


We got the chance to catch up with one of Canada’s most recognizable female entrepreneurs, Alicia Woods, the founder and creator of Covergalls workwear for .

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