Artist Dana Statham

Growing up on Vancouver Island has provided artist Dana Statham no shortage of inspiration when it comes to her creative process. Coastal landscapes, arbutus trees, and underwater kelp gardens are common themes in her work.

Salish Sea Market - Driftwood Christmas Trees

These fun glass ornaments are from the imagination of artist Katherine Moore of Strange Bird Studio.

Salish Sea Market

Love the idea of brass utensils and bottles to bring out royal blue in my kitchen

Salish Sea Market

We love Kim's addition of a starfish or two along with pebbles from the shores of the Salish Sea. Add a little sand, a tea light and voila.a magical atmosphere - west coast style!

Salish Sea Market

What a wonderful west coast inspired table created by Kevin of Discovery Metal Creations! Is it a coffee table?guess you'll have to come in and decide for yourself!

Salish Sea Market - Hand painted Christmas Tree Ornaments by Cindy Mawle.

Each wooden ornament, created by artist Cindy Mawle, is an original painting.we said original painting. Each ornament offers a scene from our local area, along the shores of the Salish Sea.