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two fried zucchini flowers on a red and white plate with the words, how to improve your guests stuffed zucchini flowers
Appetizer Flower
This quick and easy recipe results in a super cool appetizer. If you or someone you know grows zucchini in their garden, get them to harvest a few of the flowers off the plant before they open and impress them with this delicate & delicious treat! Listen to the episode and get the recipe at
the cover of quick and easy gazpacho
Quick & easy gazpacho
Make this fresh, simple Spanish Gazpacho and pop it in the fridge, so it's nice and cold when you're ready to serve. See the Zhuzh it up! section for a slight variation - let us know which is your favourite! Listen to the episode and get the recipe on
the cheese maker show with alex's kitchen episode 2, where you listen to them
Episode 2.42: Making Cheese with Special Guest Alexis Cobham from Cheese Maker
Have you ever dreamed of making cheese at home but didn't know where to begin? This is the Three Kitchens Podcast episode for you! Our guest is co-founder of Cheese Maker, a company making it possible for you to make cheese in your own kitchen! We had fun chatting with Alexis about her company, how it began & future plans for Cheese Maker. We tested three of the kits, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Goat Cheese, in our kitchens. Listen to the episode & then check out!
the pub food at home with guest's mess hall episode 22 on three kitchen podcast
Episode 2.25: Pub Food at Home with Guests, Mess Hall Podcast
Fellow foodies Avery and Lena Cochrane, hosts of Mess Hall Podcast, join this episode of Three Kitchens to make our take on pub food. We're celebrating St. Patrick's Day from the comfort of our homes. Thank you, Mess Hall, for hanging with us! It was all delicious and we had a lot of fun! Pub night menu: ☘️ Erin's Marsala Chicken Tenders ☘️ Sarah's Bulgogi Beef Sliders ☘️ Heather's Veggie Pakora with Mango Chutney ☘️ Avery and Lena's Guinness Chocolate Cake Pops with Irish Cream Icing
a white plate with food on it and the words spicy roasted carrot salad with tani and lentils
Episode 2.23: Three Kitchens Interview with Shirley's Greenhouse
We're happy to welcome special guest to Three Kitchens Podcast, Dawn Buschert, Owner/Operator of Shirley's Greenhouse in Alberta Canada. We talk about knowing where your food comes from and the importance of supporting local growers and producers. Once you've got those fresh veggies home, Heather has a recipe for you to try: Spicy Roasted Carrot Salad with Tahini and Lentils from @occasionallyeggs .
two pieces of pizza on a plate with the words make spinko pita with phylo pastry from scratch
Episode 2.19: Flaky Phyllo Spanakopita
This week on the podcast, Erin takes on the job of making phyllo pastry from scratch and baking us some delightfully good Greek Spanakopita. And you can, too! She's proven making phyllo from scratch isn't as intimidating as it seems. Listen in to hear Erin's tips and tricks before you head to the kitchen to make it yourself. Now if we could just convince Erin to make us some baklava with that yummy phyllo! The Three Kitchens verdict: fresh really is better than frozen in this case. Opa!
the cover of make turkish pie at home episode 2, featuring two different types of food
Episode 2.17: Pide - A Turkish Pizza-ish
This Spiced Aubergine Pide from @rebelrecipes is a new Three Kitchens Podcast favourite. Eggplant, onions, tomatoes and spices on an easy to whip up Turkish flatbread. Yes, this recipe is vegan, but you can change up your pide toppings to whatever you like. Cheese, ground lamb, smoked meat, spinach and feta... the only limit is your imagination! Have a listen to this episode for Heather's tips and suggestions for making it at home. Enjoy!
the appetizers and drinks menu is displayed on a tray with other food items
Episode 2.15: Our New Years Menu
We're a home cooking podcast! Three appetizers for Three Kitchens Podcast's New Years Menu - chicken empanadas, hummus & chimichurri on a baguette, & buffalo chicken wonton cups. They're all really delicious. We've also got two cocktails - an Asian Daisy and a Bourbon Sour - that'll kick your party into high gear. And if you want a non-alcoholic option, Erin made us a Melon Basil slushy mocktail that we loved! Pour a drink, grab your earbuds and join us!
three ice cream cones sitting on top of a marble counter
Episode 1.20 We all scream for nice cream
Heather's taking her fellow Three Kitchens Podcast hosts on a journey to find a home-made non-dairy ice cream to satisfy that summer treat craving. We try three options made from almond, cashew and coconut milk. Two were pretty good and one, not so much. Two out of three's not bad, right? Join us for all the details.
a bowl of ramen noodles next to chopsticks and a plate of food
Episode 2.3: Slammin' Ramen
Most of us can probably agree ramen noodles are great to have on hand for a quick tasty meal. But in this episode, Sarah is teaching Three Kitchens Podcast how to easily take ramen to a whole new restaurant quality level of delicious. It'll impress your family or dinner guests, and they'll never know how simple it was. Ssh! It'll be our secret.
beef steak on a plate with the words beef jerry episode 2 drunk and dehydraated
Episode 2.4: Drunk & Dehydrated
Heather has the dehydrator out again and is making beef jerky on Three Kitchens Podcast. If you love this dried meat snack, you'll know the flavour combinations are endless. Whiskey, along with some other interesting ingredients went into the marinade, and there's some discussion about whether or not the flavours worked. We also get into the right way to cut the meat - turns out that's important. Who knew? Listen in, won't you?
two black trays filled with different types of food and the words bento episode 2 get bento
Episode 1.22: Get Bento
It's Three Kitchen's final episode of Season 1 and we're talking about lunch! Kids' school lunches as well as what we eat for lunch ourselves. We're all about planning ahead, packing the freezer and making it all just so darn easy. Listen in for bento boxes, homemade bread, muffins, meatballs, and more.