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garlic scape salt in a bowl next to green beans
Green Salt? The best GARLIC Salt made from GARLIC SCAPES
a plate with shrimp and vegetables on it next to two chopsticks in front of an egg
Salt Cured Egg
Episode 1:13 - Egg Me Sarah has cured eggs in two ways. And is showing Three Kitchens Podcast what to do with the final result. She also makes a quick salted egg yolk prawn dish that many pay good money at restaurants to enjoy. Find out if her easy two ingredient kitchen science experiments pay off.
Episode 1.3: Easy Peasy Lemon... Salty?
Salty Lemons? Heck yes! These have become a favourite in our kitchens! Hungry for some Moroccan flavours, Heather is slow preserving lemons in salt and then cooking with them. Does it concern anyone else that no one in Three Kitchens has even tasted a fermented lemon before? And she's cooking up a North African inspired meal with these lemons. Listen in and then try them for yourself!