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White Ghost V.2.0 by darksilvania

Second remake, now its the turn of my Ghost Owl Line (Ghoul-Owl) -Flying/Ghost -Ghost pokemon -"Ghowl sleeps during the daytime, and is active at night. Its white body reflects the moonli.

Land Sharks V.2.0 by darksilvania

This is the replacement of my second water starters line, my land shark [link] (Mako-Boy) -Water -Shark fin Pokemon -"This pokemon like to pla.

This is a good one. What would the species name be? The Incarceration Pokemon?

another remaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeee this time another old ghosts, just from the same time of my fear angels, and now, with descriptions! and new names (Phantom-Handcuffs) -Ghost&

Thunder Jaw Fakemon by Twime777 (Pretty good! Better than half of the new ones they've got!)

The Thunder Jaw Pokemon. They evolve at level and again with a Thunder Stone. They are Electric and Steel types and live in the Hypatia Region.