Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack

Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack

Now this would help with counter clutter. No more knife block! Under Cabinet Magnetic Knife Rack

It rotates up and out to save on counter space! And there are tons more great organizing gadgets on the site!

Cabinet Organizer - -kitchen aid mixer cabinet and drawer organizers - - by JDL Construction

Creative Counter Space...under the silverware drawer, remove that storage area, instead of a pullout table, we could add a pull out garbage can...therefore eliminating the bulkiness of the one we have. then, we could utilize the area above the microwave for pots and pans...the ones mom doesn't cook with regularly

Custom Touches for Small Kitchens

Creative Counter Space for a small kitchen. Here, a rolling cart tucks neatly into this island to offer additional workspace as needed. The cart can be wheeled throughout the kitchen to give multiple cooks room for meal prep and staging.

It turns any bag into a cool container!

Copco Bag Caps are innovative lids for bagged foods that seal in freshness without having to remove an item from its original packaging. These are a great idea. Needed in my home especially because my kids eat chips a bunch!

Baking Center.

baking center pantry turns into baking station with countertop

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Pop Out Outlet Multiplier

Pop Out Outlet

Increase the functionality of your home’s outlets by outfitting your walls with these pop out outlet multipliers. With the simple push of a button, the number of disposable outlets doubles so you can accommodate all your electronic devices.

Lined with neoprene and padded for serious impact, BottleKeeper does what a regular koozie can’t: it keeps your beer cold and safe, wherever you go. Protect your beer from the elements with BottleKeeper. http://www.bottlekeeper.com/?utm_source=Pinterest&utm_medium=4.3P

Lined with neoprene and padded for serious impact. On pineapple day everyone will get an article of clothing, a bathing suit, a bag, a towel and some fun stuff in a "gift bag"