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Jason and the talking Oak by Maxfield Parrish #art

Maxfield Parrish "Jason and the Talking Oak" 1910 One of my favorite Parrish's to have on the wall. We have a print hanging by our books. "He looked up among the knotted branches and green leaves, and into the mysterious heart of the old tree.

Maxfield Parrish, Lantern Bearers 1908 saw this

Maxfield Parrish (July 1870 – March The Lantern Bearers, oil on canvas on board, created for Collier's magazine, the painting shows Parrish's use of glazes and saturated color in an evocative night scene, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

John Bauer - Herr Birre och trollen (Master Birre and the goblins), 1909

Herr Birre och Trollen / Master Birre and the Watercolour, heightened white, pencil and ink on paper. x 25 cm.