Blue Cocktail Recipes

This board is all about blue cocktail recipes! If you're having some kind of party — like a gender reveal — that calls for blue mixed drinks, then you need to…
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a man standing next to two tall glasses filled with blue liquid and ice cubes
The Fast And Furious Cocktail Cocktail Recipe
two cups filled with blue sugar on top of a wooden table
Vodka Jello Snow Cone Cocktail Recipe
a blue liquid in a glass with two black straws sticking out of the top
D*ck Sucker Cocktail Recipe
there is a glass with ice and lemon on the table next to a can of soda
Windex Cocktail Recipe
a blue and white drink sitting on top of a table
Easter Egg Cocktail Cocktail Recipe
a pitcher pouring water into a glass filled with green liquid and lime slices on the side
Fishbowl Sangria Cocktail Recipe
a fish bowl filled with blue liquid and goldfish
Personal Fishbowl Cocktail Recipe
two glasses filled with blue liquid and lemon slices
Sex In The Driveway Cocktail Recipe
three glasses filled with blue liquid and strawberries
Sexy Monica Cocktail Recipe
a glass with blueberries and strawberries in it
Sunny Day Breeze Cocktail Recipe