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Wondering what to do with your broken crayons? I've rounded up 27 NEW uses for OLD broken crayons! You're gonna love these ideas!

Doesn’t every household have a ton of broken old crayons lying around in their craft rooms, drawers, buckets, boxes? I’m always wondering what to do with those little guys. If you’ve been wondering too, then this post is for you!

It can be so hard to keep the house clean! Especially with kids and dogs. I can't stand clutter either. Great tips here on keeping your home clean! Super simple too :)

Our house hardly ever becomes a disaster zone because of this one secret: Click through to read my biggest secret to keeping our house clean. It's a big secret of people whose houses are always clean and picked up.

A girlfriend of mine (remember Jill?)  just had her baby and a few of us girls went up to the hospital to visit her. I put together a New Mo...

Simple "thinking of you" type of gift idea. Website shows suggestions for a "new mommy at the hospital" type gift, but this would be easy to fill with small items. Make a label to cover over the cut area.