the Avro Arrow

A tribute video to the men and women of Avro and Orenda and what Canada could have achieved

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Avro CF-105 RL-201 was one of 5 Arrows flown in 1958/9 and first of fleet to get airborne on March 25 1958, when Avro test pilot Ian Zuirakowski flew it for 35 minutes.201 first Arrow damaged June 11 1958 after a 1 1/2 flight, when port landing gear failed to extend properly, causing aircraft to veer off runway and suffer extensive damage. Flew again on Oct 5 1958 after repairs and modifications.

Avro's superlative was one of aviation history's greatest "might have beens.


Canadian History, Arrow, Engine, Planes, Military Aircraft, Airplanes, Arrows, Aircraft, Plane