The eight locks of the Rideau Canal. Ottawa, Ontario ~ North America's oldest operating 19th-century canal | by shotzy, via Flickr

The eight locks of the Rideau Canal, Ottawa, ONTARIO ~ North America's oldest operating century canal.

Locks on Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada

Locks on Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario, completed 1832

The Station Theatre in Smiths Falls Ontario

The Station Theatre is dedicated to bringing live theatre to Smiths Falls Ontario and is operated by the Smiths Falls Community Theatre

Kingston Mills, Rideau Canal, Kingston, Ontario

The Rideau Canal in Kingston, Ontario dates back to a few centuries. It's very interesting to learn about its construction and admire it today.

Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario

Rideau Canal (Ottawa) - All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

The Rideau Canal beneath the Plaza Bridge, Ottawa. "Hidden Canal" by LexnGer, via Flickr

Before the Rideau canal meets it's final lock before spilling into the river, it passes under the intersection of Elgin, Rideau & what ever it is that Rideau turns into. This is where you rent bikes in Ottawa.