Inspired by Emily Carr: Tree Craft

Lessons from the Art Room: Paintings Inspired by Artist Emily Carr

After viewing the artwork of Canadian painter Emily Carr the third grade students were inspired to create paintings of the Mani.

Third and fourth graders from Ontario, Canada created these amazing Emily Carr forests.

Emily Carr Art Lessons

Third and fourth grade students from Ontario, Canada create amazing Emily Carr-Inspired trees and forests. Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle

The 4th graders did a project based on the work of Canadian artist Ted Harrison last week. I found out about his work on one of the blogs I...

Ted Harrison - Cards, prints and calendars by Canadian artist Ted Harrison from Island Art Publishers.

Back in my college days I studied Canada’s Group of Seven artists. Even though I was a young adult, I never quite understood or appreciated the beauty of their work. I thought of this as I introduced my students to  the art of Lawren Harris. I wondered how many thought it was interesting or how …

Ted Harrison & Lawren Harris Northern Landscapes

Norther landscape Art Lesson for Kids featuring the art of Canadian artists Lawren Harris and Ted Harrison

emily carr art lesson | Georgia O'Keefe ' "The Lawrence Tree" grade 5. Love this....in ...

Georgia O'Keefe ' "The Lawrence Tree" grade one point perspective lesson worms eye view