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photos of fetal development | FIGURE 65-7 · Different stages of fetal development.

Beginnings: Prenatal care and Birth- This article touches on what happens to the developing embryo, all the way through normal fetal growth in utero. It tells what in the baby is developing at each point of pregnancy.

Critical Periods of Fetal Development. Teratogens are toxic agents that can cause a birth abnormality. Developing infants are particularly at risk in the first couple of months of pregnancy during the germinal and embryonic stages as the chart shows.

Stages of Prenatal Development Germinal Stage (Conception- 2 weeks) Begins when the sperm penetrates the egg The zygote continues through the fallopian tube and the process of cell division begins.

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Everyone gets a stomachache - or abdominal pain - from time to time. Usually, stomach pains are harmless conditions caused by overeating, gas, or indigestion.