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DIY Bicycle Repair Stand by Andrew Li | Bike Commuters

You may remember seeing Andrew Li’s Homemade work stand being used while were were out fixing bicycles for the homeless. I asked him to provide us a tutorial on how he built it and he did not…

Amplifier Dock for iPhone/iPod

Amplifier Dock is a passive amplifier and docking solution for iPhone and iPod touch that utilizes the shape and material of an ordinary ceramic bowl. Designed for disassembly, the ceramic bowl may be reused, steel hardware may be recycled, and hardwood/

This dock features a mechanism which enables you to change its orientation using wooden gears. It consists of four parts, main iPhone rotating cradle, crank wheel gear, dock base as well as charging cable placement. It's such a gorgeous wooden craft to display your iPhone.

If you don’t want to dish out the cash for a dock or stand that didn’t come with your new Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, then consider making your own. At one time, especially when the iPhone first hit the stores, there was a craze that swept the web of.