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Last minute Christmas gifts for a happy wife
Options for every budget

Last minute Christmas gifts for a happy wife

What does your wife want for Christmas? Chances are she’s been hinting all year long, or at least since Halloween. Hopefully you’ve been reading between the lines or keeping a running list of hers subtle clues (you know, those offhand remarks like “Gosh, Writey McBookerson has a new novel coming out! She’s my all-time favorite author!” or “Would you look at this absolutely stunning sweater in this gorgeous shade of green that is so flattering on me and there are plenty of size mediums in stock and it just so happens to be on sale now for 30% off with free shipping if you use the promo code BESTGIFT4WIFE?”) but if not, don’t fret. Here are some ideas for thoughtful Christmas gifts that you are free to claim as your very own. P.S. You’re welcome.

Blank books and journals

Note-taking apps are fine for jotting down grocery lists and quick reminders, but when she’s got something special to say, a beautiful blank book is just the thing. Encourage her to express her innermost thoughts with a classic unlined notebook, a hand-tooled leatherbound version or a luxe velvet-covered journal.

Scented candles

Will your wife appreciate a scented candle or turn up her nose and say that it’s kind of lame and besides, she’s usually allergic to stuff like that? We’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that if you’re not sure, it’s probably a good idea to skip this one and go for something more surefire, i.e. whatever is at the top of her Amazon wish list. But if you know she loves roses or lilacs or lavender and rather enjoys an open flame, buying her a high-quality floral-scented soy candle could be perfect. Choose one that comes packaged in a gorgeous reusable jar just in case, so you can always say you didn’t realize there was a candle in there.

Tennis bracelets

Have you ever heard of a tennis bracelet? If not, you’re forgiven; it’s an unusual name for a classic piece of jewelry. Also called an eternity bracelet, the classic design—a thin strand of tiny diamonds that completely encircles the wrist—will suit a conventional woman. Tennis bracelets are also available in black diamonds and rainbow-hued gems for the woman who’s a little less country club, a little more rock-n-roll.

Nostalgic treasures

Folks, it’s time to face facts: no matter how much you help out around the house, your wife likely shoulders most of the emotional labor—remembering the field trips and flute lessons, buying the birthday presents, planning every meal. So it’s totally forgivable that occasionally she simply can’t adult any more. Take the kids off her hands for a while so she can build a blanket fort and eat sugar cereal for dinner. Even better, give her the best of both worlds by serving her a sophisticated shiraz in an a-dork-able, collectible, retro character glass.
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Vintage 1970s Pepsi Cartoon Drinking Glasses | Etsy
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High-end bath and beauty products

Now, we don’t presume to speak for all women; certainly, there are some who couldn’t care less about cosmetics and would no sooner curl their hair than cut off their head. But we all need to get clean from head to toe, and while we’re at it, why not use luxurious products made from the very best ingredients? “Well, the cost, that’s why,” your wife might say, but this is one time when you really ought to overrule her and insist. Or just tuck these decadent products under the tree and tell her they’re not returnable. She won’t let them go to waste.
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Indulgent ingredients

Who’s the cook in your family? If it’s your wife, treat her to a few gourmet groceries to elevate both the experience and the end result. If you do most of the meal prep, don’t wait for a special occasion to surprise her with decadent favorites. After all, you two probably haven’t gone out for a romantic meal since, oh, let’s see….probably Valentine’s Day 2020, right? Serve up an at-home, five-star surf and turf experience, stock up the cupboards with chi-chi condiments, and commence to chow down, all classy-like.
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