Actors who also make music
Crossover careers

Actors who also make music

Meet the stars who give a dual meaning to streaming, topping the charts and the box office. These multi-hyphenate performers have crossover appeal, from Alexa Demie and Donald Glover to Steve Martin and Ryan Gosling.
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Djo (Joe Keery) releases new single 'Change' + announces album 'DECIDE' Out 16th September
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Click Roll Boom
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Idris Elba draws in massive crowds for Sydney DJ set
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Jeff Goldblum Has a Number One Jazz Album. It Only Took Him 50 Years
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Stream Michael Cera’s Album
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Inside the Weird, Industry-Shaking World of Donald Glover
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COUNTERFEIT. releases a music video for their “It Gets Better” single
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Spotted: Penn Badgley Looking Nothing Like the Lonely Boy We All Remember
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Keanu Reeves Discusses the Time His Band Trolled a Metal Fest With a Grateful Dead Cover - SPIN
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Inside the World of Dylan Minnette - V Magazine
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The Driver Era | "Feel You Now"
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Zooey Deschanel's She & Him releases new: 'I Could've Been Your Girl'
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Blue Neon (Club Version)
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Steve Martin: How the Comedy Legend Fell in Love With the Banjo
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Maya Hawke Acts, Sings & Cries
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Josh Radnor Chats Radnor & Lee: 'We Can't Find A Compelling Reason Not To'
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10 Celebrities Who Secretly Have Bands
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Girls Star Zosia Mamet on Her Band, The Cabin Sisters
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Coconut Records: West Coast