Kitschy and fantasy-inspired boutique hotels
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Kitschy and fantasy-inspired boutique hotels

Who doesn’t love a good theme? These places are fabulously loud and beautifully bold. Transport yourself to another dimension or a bygone era for your next vacation.
a bedroom with pink and white striped walls
Get the scoop on the world’s first ice cream hotel room in Helsinki
there are two beds in this room with pink walls and stars on the bedding
Little Twin Stars Themed Hotel Room Opens at Keio Plaza Hotel Tama | MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON | もしもしにっぽん
a large red object sitting in the middle of a desert area with rocks and trees
Tiny home in Joshua Tree · ★4.78 · 2 beds · 1 bath
a bedroom with yellow and red walls, a bed in the center and a bathtub on the other side
This New, Retro-Themed Nashville Hotel is Giving Us Some Serious 70's Vibes
The Venue Report
The Venue Report
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a painting on the wall
The pink places to visit around the world if you really really love pink
a bath tub filled with lots of water and lit candles next to two mirrors on the wall
Cove Haven Resort | Lakeville, PA 18438
Explore the Pocono Mountains
Explore the Pocono Mountains
a woman standing on top of a bed in a room with an enormous shell like headboard
Love the Madonna Inn? This Instagram Tours Every Kitsch Motel in the US
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a table with a lamp on top of it
Inside the Queen's Gambit Inspired Hotel Room
Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest
an unusual house in the woods with steps leading up to it's doors and windows
Dolmen Shelter is fictional boutique hotel with stone-shaped guest suites
Sweet Tooth Hotel Dallas, Texas
Jen Cox • Nowhere I Would Rather Be
Jen Cox • Nowhere I Would Rather Be
a room that has some couches and a mirror on the wall next to it
The Dreamy, Steamy Settings of Brazil's Love Motels
a television sitting on top of a wooden stand in front of a red curtained wall
You Can Check into this Motel California, but You Can Never Leave
this is a bedroom with an unusual ceiling
Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Joshua Tree National Park, Yucca Valley: Hotel Reviews, Rooms & Prices |
the interior of a children's playroom with cars and toys
V8 car-themed hotel in Germany where you CAN fall asleep at the wheel
a green trailer parked on top of a dirt field next to mountains and chairs in front of it
What Will the New Wave of Boutique Hotels Look Like?
a bed room with a neatly made bed and two couches
A Night at the Roxbury: Themed Catskills motel will take you out of this world
two beds in a room with pink walls and paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling above them
Barbie Themed Hotel Room in Costa Rica at the Double Tree - Classy Mommy
Photo: Unique Pension Ice Hotel, Theme Hotel, South Korea Travel, Best Flights, Drive In Movie, Korea Travel, Dream Spaces, Weird And Wonderful, Room Themes
7 Super Racy, By-the-Hour "Love" Hotels You've Got to See to Believe |
A Look At: The World Famous Clown Motel
The Tattooed Travelers
The Tattooed Travelers