Must-see installations we don't want to miss
Art in the wild

Must-see installations we don't want to miss

There's no shortage of impressive art out there, but these impressive installations are in a league of their own.
two pink play structures sitting on top of a cement floor next to each other in front of a wall
This year’s Folkestone Triennial explores the gap between myth and reality
The Spaces
The Spaces
a man wearing glasses standing in front of a colorful carnival ride and building behind him
yuri suzuki's sonic bloom installation invites londoners to reconnect
a man standing in front of stacks of books
This Las Vegas Grocery Store Is Actually a Giant Trippy Funhouse
an animated video game with green and red birds flying through the air over black background
Studio Moniker’s Touch for Luck lets you interact with a giant pool of fish on the M+ facade
the sun shines brightly over a grassy hill
Sarah Sze Implants a Fragmented Installation of Individual Mirrors in a Lush Hudson Valley Landscape — Colossal
tables and chairs are set up in the middle of an empty park with bare trees
Hugh Hayden installs 100 "branching" chairs in New York |
several stuffed animals standing in front of a microphone
Meow Wolf Art Collective Is Pursuing a New Model for Artists to Make a Living | Artsy
the inside of a brightly lit building with neon lights
Art Collective Meow Wolf Just Opened Its Largest Immersive Funhouse to Date in Denver—and It's Bigger Than the Guggenheim
colorful lights floating in the air over a floor covered with squares and cubes at night
[Official] teamLab Borderless TOKYO, Azabudai Hills
an assortment of colorful tables and stools in a brightly colored room with white walls
Color Factory – New York's Experiential Art Museum is an Instagrammer’s Paradise - Design Pataki
three palm trees and two chairs in front of a purple wall with the same design on it
"Any colour is fair game" at the Haas Brothers' Ferngully exhibition
people skating on an ice rink in front of the city skyline at night with colorful lights
A giant, glittery disco roller rink is hidden within Central Park
two people dressed in neon green costumes standing next to each other with their hands on their hips
Blue Man Group Co-Founder Chris Wink Opens “Wink World: Portals Into the Infinite: At AREA15 in Las Vegas”
a pink umbrella sitting in the middle of a room
Step Inside These Weirdly Incredible Installations for an Out-of-Body Experience