Mustache moments done right
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Mustache moments done right

Got a mustache on your mind? Here’s some celeb style inspiration to show you how to pull it off.
a man in a suit and tie poses for the camera at an awards gala event
A Celebration of Oscar Isaac's Ever-Changing (Always Sexy) Facial Hair
a man with long hair and a moustache wearing a suit jacket at an event
18 Times Paul Rudd Made You Wish You Were An Inanimate Object
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14 Actors and Musicians Who *Aren't* Hollywood Nepo Babies
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8 Celebrities Who Brought Back the '70s Mustache This Year
See all the photos from Simu Liu's superheroic EW cover shoot Simi Liu, Simu Liu, Marvel Men, Shang Chi, Greta Gerwig, Tiger And Bunny, Actors Male, My Career, Man Thing Marvel
See all the photos from Simu Liu's superheroic EW cover shoot
a man in a striped shirt is walking down the street
This Is What A Great Mustache Looks Like
a man holding an electric toothbrush in his right hand while standing next to a bike
Behold: Harry Styles With A Mustache In The Italian Countryside
a man holding a football in his right hand
How to Get Milo Ventimiglia’s Hair (and Mustache) From 'This Is Us'
a man in a suit is holding his hand up to his eye and looking at the camera
Mahershala Ali on How He Became an Oscar Front-runner
a man holding a paint palette and brush in his right hand while posing for the camera
Jason Sudeikis Covers The August Issue of GQ
GQ Magazine
GQ Magazine
a man with an afro standing in front of a white wall and wearing a suit
The Weeknd's New Look Will Make You Do A Double Take
a man with a mustache and plaid shirt
Nick Offerman on books and his new memoir, 'Paddle Your Own Canoe'
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These Mustached Celebrities Are Serious Movember Inspiration
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Nick Jonas Shows Off a New Mustache — and Fans Have Strong Feelings About It
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Henry Cavill's Mustache Will Erase Your Anti-Mustache Prejudice