Travel across the galaxy with the spacecore aesthetic
So stellar

Travel across the galaxy with the spacecore aesthetic

If you’re looking for a change of scene, swap out this universe for an intergalactic adventure.
a man in a space suit is standing in the middle of a room with black and white squares
Weird, Unseen Images from the Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey
a space shuttle is flying through the clouds
20 Surreal Space Exploration Images That Will Give You Mind-Bending Dreams
an image of a shoe on the moon's surface in black and white photo
Neil Armstrong: A giant leap for mankind (1930-2012) - Click Americana
an image of many different objects in the dark night sky with bright lights on them
New Hubble Project Provides Improved View of the Galaxy Cluster Abell 370
a person's hand reaching for the moon in the night sky with bright lights
Moodboard Alert: Shapeshifter Shapes Mid-Century Design
a woman wearing an astronaut's helmet and looking at the camera
Jean Shrimpton – 1965 Harpers Bazaar. Photo by R.Avedon –
an image of planets in the sky with stars
Arthouse Cosmos Charcoal Wallpaper in Black | 668100
two spirally shaped objects in the middle of a dark sky
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two men are standing in front of many televisions
Tom Sachs – Space Program: Mars is an exciting extraterrestrial exploration