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On this beautiful page Toko-pa, writer, artist and authority on dreams, shares her daily insights, inspirational writing & thoughts on living well. (

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Using an intimate blend of art, theory and practice, dreamers learn to understand the structure and language of dreams & develop the tools necessary to begin bridging their wisdom back to waking life. Edgar Allan Poe, Life Lessons, The Dreamers, Insight, Writer, How To Apply, Wisdom, Dreams, Thoughts

Dreamwalking: A Course on Dreams by Toko-pa Turner

Using an intimate blend of art, theory and practice, dreamers learn to understand the structure and language of dreams & develop the tools necessary to begin bridging their wisdom back to waking life.

Love is a Tango by Catrin Welz-Stein in Surreal on .the art of catrin welz-stein I love this Collage Kunst, Mode Collage, Art Du Collage, Collage Artists, Art And Illustration, Illustrations, Art Actuel, Tango Art, Art Du Monde

Courting our Dreams

Unlike giving our dream images a static definition, Courtship is to treat them as living, breathing symbols.

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Shadow Figures in Dreams

One of the central tenets of dreamwork is to become curious about the scary, repulsive, ambiguous figures that appear in our dreams.

Art by Edel Rodriguez Thanks to Dreamwork with Toko-pa for this post. Art For Art Sake, Heart Art, Sculpture, American Artists, Figurative Art, Printmaking, Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Cool Art

Pain: The Unwelcome Guest

Of all the visitors who arrive unbidden on our doorstep, pain is perhaps the least welcome.

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Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner

"It helps to think of our swamps of despair as the necessary muddle before clarity. In mythology the heroine must cross such a place in her darkest hour, where she comes to face her unlived life - meeting each of the divine allies disguised as regret, doubt, and insufficiency...If she is willing to consummate the full encounter, they will reveal themselves in service to the vitality of her true being." Toko-pa Turner #belongingbook | Artwork Beatriz Martín Vidal

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Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner

"We are not separate, but also we are. We are these completely unique individuals who are capable of infinite configurations of innovation and beauty, but we are embedded within and entirely dependent upon the larger ocean of allness." -Toko-pa Turner #belongingbook | Artwork by Gemma Capdevila

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Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner

"Most of us are not consciously aware that we’re driving ourselves so hard, because we identify with the importance of being successful and productive, but there is another part of us that feels the effects of being driven. She is the one who bears all silently, whose entire existence is to serve us, who asks very little, and gives so much. She is, they are, the Holy Helpers...They are nature itself, feeding us, breathing us, healing us." Toko-pa Turner #belongingbook | Artwork Sandra…

Escape into the colorful, pattern mixing world of Roeqiya Fris. The Dutch-Egyptian illustrator cites "Arab culture, nature, and fashion" as inspiration for her works of visual splendor, which juxtapose repeating motifs every chance they get. Art And Illustration, Art Illustrations, Fashion Illustrations, Art Inspo, Kunst Inspo, Buch Design, Art Design, Graphic Design, Arte Fashion

Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner

"This welcoming presence silently communicates that it believes in the part of them that knows which way to go. And they can feel that. With their inner knowing reflected, they begin to move in the right direction." Toko-pa Turner #belongingbook | Artwork Roeqiya Fris

Wilderness Heart Canvas Print by Andreas Lie Heart Canvas, My Canvas, Heart Art, Canvas Wall Art, Double Exposure Photography, Art Photography, Deviant Art, Framed Art Prints, Canvas Prints

Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner

“Our capacity for embodied pleasure depends on our ability to receive, which is like a muscle that can atrophy if it’s been habitually contracted. A learned sense of unworthiness can act as a barrier against our well-being, keeping us from opening to the beauty that’s all around us. With practice, we can learn how to welcome beauty and receive pleasure wholeheartedly.” -Toko-pa Turner #belongingbook |Artwork Andreas Lei

Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner Feminist Icons, Feminist Af, Garden Of Words, What Is A Feminist, State Of Play, Anti Racism, Badass Women, Patriarchy, Oppression

Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner

"The dissenting voice speaks for the voiceless. And in some ironic plot twist, it is in the revolt against false belonging that real solidarity can be born. Your willingness to speak the truth about something that disagrees with you is what allows for the undamming of communication, giving all involved a fertile place to grow and the chance to build a real village.” -Toko-pa Turner #belongingbook | Artwork by @onbeinginyourbody

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Belonging, the bestselling book by Toko-pa Turner

"It is the way of all nature to be of service to something greater than one life alone...The apple tree is generous with its fruits, offering those gifts to anyone who wants to be fed by them. But it also serves itself in that the apple-eater becomes a carrier for the tree’s seeds to proliferate. When we tune into our belonging with all things, there is a similarly combined urge to both succeed in life and to make our life an offering unto the commons." - Toko-pa Turner | Artwork Ericka Lugo

Julie Dillon (born in is an American artist living and working in Northern California specializing in science fiction and fantasy art. Zodiac Art, Zodiac Signs, Caricatures, Samhain, Mabon, Illustrations, Illustration Art, Character Illustration, Chiara Bautista


The word "equinox" derives from the Latin, meaning “equal night.” As we enter the Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, we reflect on the seeds we planted in Spring and prepare for the dark months ahead. We remember to bring our interior world into balance now, paying attention to dreams, honouring creativity and deepening relationship. Let us consider what wants to fall away & what still needs nurturing, and celebrate the bounty of our yields. Blessed Equinox! Toko-pa | Artwork Julie Dillon