This bridge spans over Latefossen Waterfall in Odda, Norway. The waterfall is 165 meters tall.


Briksdalsbreen Strange name, but so it calls in norway. This is only the end of the mighty glacier, at the top of the summit, is a lot more of the glacier. But also this glacier was shrinken between the last 10 years.

Dark clouds over trollcity

Dark Clouds Over Trollcity by Tom Fear.

The weatherproof troll hut

The weatherproof troll hut - TomFear

The look back

The wallstreet of norway

Troll country

In the middle of troll country

The blue hours of Bergen

The blue hours of Bergen - TomFear

Clouds over Troll City

The clouds are getting thicker over the troll hats. Maybe it’s better I’m leaving now, who knows what’s happen when the trolls come back…

The mirror lake

Another image from my norway trip. It’s near the town of Odda and at the end of the valley on the the other side of the lake, you can see a bit of a big glacier. I was walking to the end of the glacier tongue at another day.