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a living room filled with furniture and stairs
Home Decor Pillows from Tonic Living
Design by: Kassandra DeKoning @kassandradekoning Featuring Pillows & Ottomans by Tonic Living: Silvio 24x24, Handlavet 22x22, Hobbs 12x24, Rodin Cube Ottomans
a bedroom with black walls and white bedding, two lamps on either side of the bed
Modern Luxury Bedroom - Featuring Black & White Pillows from Tonic Living
Beautiful, luxurious bedroom design & photo by : Shannon Soro Interior Design @shannonsoro featuring the following black & white pillows by Tonic Living - Misto Charcoal 22, Celeste Domino Lumbar Pillow 14x20, and Astrid Domino Bed Bolster Pillow 16x42
the living room is clean and ready for us to use it's glass coffee table
Living Room Decor Inspo
Beautiful Design by Karin Kolb Interiors @karinkolbinteriors, featuring the Kalida Walnut patterned pillow & Spar Stripe Onyx fabric used for the custom ottomans, by Tonic Living. Photo by: @kerri.torrey
two beds in a bedroom with white walls and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean
Neutral Bedroom Decor Inspo - Bed Pillows by Tonic Living
Beautiful Design by REFORMA Interiors @reformainteriors, featuring the following pillows by Tonic Living - Stanhope Ash 22x22 & Pyla Pearl Lumbar 14x20 Photo by: REFORMA Interiors
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to two large windows and a rug on the floor
Neutral Texture Rich Living Room Decor Inspo
Beautiful Design & Styling by Mounira Giacco | Giacco Decor @giaccodecor, featuring the following pillows by Tonic Living - Harriet Check Natural 20x20, Baker Burlap 20x20, Cambie Chalk Boucle 22x22, Astrid Natural 20x20 and Conway Parchment Lumbar 14x20. Photo by: giaccodecor
the kitchen counter is full of dishes and cups, with tulips in the foreground
Earthy Decor Inspo - Multi-Use Floral Blue Fabric: Zola, Indigo
Design & Photo by: Katie-Rose Decoeli @thewilddecoelis This multi-use fabric features a block print style pattern in indigo and sand that is beautiful in it's graphic simplicity. Layered on a flax-toned woven cloth with a natural slubby texture, the floral motif offers a casual elegance and old-world charm.
a bed with white headboard and pillows in a bedroom next to a lamp on a table
Cozy Beds - Designer fabric & Throw Pillows by Tonic Living
Throw pillows are an excellent way to inject style & personality into your bedroom, and update the overall look and feel of the space without breaking the bank. Featured here: - Bed upholstered in a linen-blend fabric featuring a small-scale horizontal stripe in a soft white and warm, sandy grey palette : Conway, Parchment - A touch of vintage charm with Souk, Rust bed bolster - Rafael, Cork throw blanket - Palermo, Oyster Sheer Drape