Why Are Naked Women Posing on Roofs? http://www.toomanly.com/5998/why-are-naked-women-posing-on-roofs/ #TooManly #CrazyWomen #WTF #BadArt #stupidart

Artist Poppy Jackson was photographed straddling the gable of an east London building yesterday. Her bold stunt attracted the attention of dozens of passers-by.

What Girls Really Means When They Snapchat…

"A guy recently sent me a photo of his sunburn on his arm saying 'farmer's tan', but of course he was completely flexing his muscles and that’s what he wanted me to look at!

What Girls Really Means When They Snapchat…

Under this image she wrote: “If you like her and she sends you something like this… be sound and do not screenshot! Once you break the screenshot trust there’s no going back… But if she snaps you when she’s drunk it is a good sign!

What Girls Really Means When They Snapchat…

8 Snaps You've Probably Gotten From A Girl And What They Really Meant - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing

Mother Kills 8 Year-Old Son After He Caught Her Having Sex With Grandfather http://www.toomanly.com/7106/mother-kills-8-year-old-son-after-he-caught-her-having-sex-with-grandfather/

Mum killed son, when he learned of her affair with his GRANDFATHER. Veronica Panarello throttled her son Loris Stival with electrical cables and abandoned his body in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily

Crazy Woman Aims to Eat Until She Can't Leave Her Bed http://www.toomanly.com/7062/crazy-woman-aims-to-eat-until-she-cant-leave-her-bed/

Morbidly obese model who dreams of weighing eats 8000 calories a day and loves being fed through a funnel by her boyfriend in a bid to eat until she's too fat to move.

This Girl Killed Her Mom Near NYE Then Went Partying http://www.toomanly.com/6416/this-girl-killed-her-mom-near-nye-then-went-partying/ #crazywomen #crazywoman

According to reports, Destiny Garcia confessed during questioning to the double murder of Rosie Sanchez, 38 and her mother’s boyfriend, Anderson Nunez. Police say the bodies were found at about Monday (January in her Sheepshead Bay apartment.

Study Shows Women Are Way Harsher Than Guys With Rejections - http://www.toomanly.com/5851/women-are-harsher-than-guys-with-rejections/

An unfortunate side effect of being polite. I can attest. // Can We Be Polite Without Some People Mistaking It For Flirting?

What Girls Really Means When They Snapchat…

She always heard comments like " I'm gonna story this selfie so he knows I'm out tonight and I'm looking well!

What Girls Really Means When They Snapchat…

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What Girls Really Means When They Snapchat…

Irish model goes for the jugular in interpreting what selfies really are saying, despite the mirage title texts pasted obscuring the true intentions.