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One of my favorite. Legs up the wall http://ozhealthreviews.com/health-tips/7-tips-for-good-mental-health/ More

Viparita Karani yoga pose Legs up the wall Encourages circulation of blood a

Homemade Disinfectant Spray

DIY Essential Oil Room Sprays - need some alcohol in there too, but nice recipe list. Air freshener sprays without all the harsh chemicals!

1000 Life Hacks by vladtodd

Kitchen tip! Rub canola or olive oil on your knives before cutting onions to prevent your eyes from tearing up! Canola oil is horrible for you! Use olive oil.

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Good posture for good shots! Check it out! #golf #lorisgolfshoppe

This is from a women's golfing guide. Very beneficial and even has recommendations on how to deal with the boob factor.