How to Get Story Ideas

How to find inspiration and refill your writing well when you're feeling stuck or blocked with your novel, or want to start something new, play with new…
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an open book with the title is your story worth writing? how to test out your story idea before you write a first draft
How to Test an Idea Before Writing the First Draft
What is in your heart will stay there, write it then test it, then edit it accordingly
an image with the words how to use myrioma cards for writing in black and white
Myriorama Cards to Print | creative writing blog
How to use Myriorama Cards, or "slices of landscape paintings", for writing inspiration! This technique has even been used by Sir Philip Pullman.
a coffee cup sitting on top of a window sill next to a pen and paper
Story Ideas > 100 story prompts to SPARK your imagination...
100 Story Ideas to use as writing exercises or the spark for your next story.
two hands reaching for files in a file cabinet with the words how to organize your story ideas
How do you organize your story ideas?
How to Organize Your Story Ideas * writing advice | writing tips
someone is sitting at a desk with their feet up on the computer keyboard and there are two computers in the background
The Lazy Author's 6-Question Guide to Writing an Original Book
Why Writers Should Never Worry About Originality
two people sitting at a table with laptops and papers on it, the text how to use your writing - life magic wand? or finding your grove part one
How to Use Your Writing-Life Magic Wand (Or, Finding Your Groove, Part One.) — Lucy Flint
How to find and use that most powerful of things in the writer's life: the creative groove. |
coffee beans and cinnamon on a white background with space for text or image, top view
Your All-Purpose, Idea-Discovering, Secret Weapon! (My hands-down, favorite, most-used technique.) — Lucy Flint
The easiest, clearest, best, favoritest, all-purpose idea making strategy EVER. (I love it. Can you tell? I really love it.) |
a table topped with lots of art supplies
You've Already Done Your Hardest Research (So Let's Turn It Into Idea Gold!) — Lucy Flint
You've done so much living and learning that your heart knows a TON. (With clear, vivid imagery attached, of course!) Let's get it all down, so it can fuel your most amazing ideas! (Idea Camp going strong y'all!) |
two cups of coffee being poured into an espresso machine
We're Going to Be Invincible Writers! (Welcome to Idea Camp.) — Lucy Flint
It's one of the best feelings as a writer. And I'm gonna get it back. Wanna join me? |
a chandelier with five light bulbs hanging from it and the words, you are completely surrounded by potential ideas here's one way to capture them
You Are Completely Surrounded By Potential Ideas: Here's One More Way To Capture Them! — Lucy Flint
You have a wealth of ideas right at your fingertips: here's a fun, easy way to capture them! |
a woman sitting at a table holding a cell phone and looking at her glass with ice in it
The Fun Way to Build an Army of Brilliant Little Ideas (Ready to Conquer Your Future Story Snags!) — Lucy Flint
This is a fun daily (or almost-daily) habit, guaranteed to result in an army of awesome, useable little ideas, ready to march in and conquer your future story snags. Did I mention that it's fun? Did I mention that it's easy? And it really, really works? You've got nothing to lose: let's dive in. |
the ocean with text that reads, flabbersast yourself pursuing a continuum sense of wonder
Flabbergast Yourself: Pursuing a Continual Sense of Wonder — Lucy Flint
Are you ignoring one of the core components of creativity? I kinda was. Let's fix that, so we can go write really amazing things. |
a woman sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a tree reading a book
5 AMAZING Reasons to Write a Short Story: Develop and Market Your Novel | DARCY PATTISON
5 Amazing Reasons to Write a Short Story |
an old school way to get inspired with some crafting supplies on a wooden table
Old School Ways to Find Inspiration / How to Be Inspired
5 Old School Ways to Find Inspiration