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Jessika Robitaille

Jessika Robitaille
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Because I want to have a kigurumi. I want to enjoy having a kigurumi. If I win a kigurumi, I will be immensely happy and find a matching kigurumi for my dog and post it on here.

Rick Grimes The Walking Dead

I know this board should be called "We are obsessed with Andrew Lincoln".


Rick and Daryl; Season "When the Dead Come Knocking". Saving Glenn & Maggie from Woodbury;The Walking Dead

@Shannon Bellanca O'Connell I just watched Boondock Saints!! Love him even more!!!

The Walking Dead and The Boondock Saints. It's almost like they wrote that line just so you can remember his role in The Boondock Saints!

Daily Elf on the Shelf ideas - for slackers!

A day by day calendar - Elf on the Shelf ideas for Slackers! Don't feel guilty if you're not an all-star when it comes to your Elf. Slackers can do this too! Here is every mom's day by day Elf on the Shelf calendar (if you're a slacker).