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several purple flowers are growing in the dirt
The most exciting new perennials for this gardening season
The most exciting new perennials for this gardening season | The Star
someone is gardening in the garden with flowers
Sponsored | Tending to your perennial garden
A monthly gardening checklist to keep your perennials looking lush and beautiful all season long
two men standing in the middle of a garden with pink and white flowers on it
Here are a few ideas on how to create your own garden tour of Toronto (and one in Buffalo)
a person digging in the ground with a shovel and some vegetables growing on it,
Why gardening should be deemed a sport
If sport is defined as all forms of physical exercise, then gardening is a sport, writes Mark Cullen.
two flowers that are next to each other
Toronto Star (@TorontoStar) on X
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a row of potted plants sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a fence
Fake grass and the Handy Camel bag clip: gardening’s best and worst of 2015
A row of Coleus on display during Buffalo's Garden Walk.
many potted plants are growing on the pergolated roof
Hardy Ardisia is the hot Christmas plant: Real Dirt
Ardisia plants, stowed on the ceiling of greenhouse, aren't "annoying like holly," horticulturist Robert Bierhuizensays.
white and red flowers are in a vase
My surprising, and ongoing, love affair with amaryllis: Real Dirt
Picotee amaryllis offer pristine white petals, outlined with pink.
an older woman is holding some food in her hands
Gardeners plant seeds, then reap the benefits of generosity
Marilyn Theurer of Arthur (red hat) preparing to plant tulips.
a black cat standing on top of a giant pumpkin
How growing giant pumpkins is really about growing communities: Real Dirt
Giant pumpins are too misshapen and ugly to carve for Halloween, and too fibrous for pie or soup — but they're good for one thing.
an urban garden in the foreground with skyscrapers in the background, and a man walking through it
Ryerson University's rooftop farm celebrates bumper harvest
Garden coordinator Spencer Quinn readies a soil bed for planting garlic bulbs at Ryerson's roof top garden at the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre.
a garden filled with lots of purple and white flowers
Making biodiversity work on a small scale: Real Dirt
Massed coneflowers are part of a display at the Toronto Botanical Garden, the site of an upcoming symposium on biodiversity.
some green plants are growing in the dirt
A spinach feeding frenzy erupts in the school's garden
Entire spinach plants were ripped out by the roots at the food garden.
a large group of green plants growing in the dirt
Cavolo Nero kale is tough and coarse, but works when cooked with pasta
Sonia Day prefers growing the curly kale.
an older woman pushing a wheelbarrow full of grass with her dog sitting next to it
Weeds, whacking back and bugs: why I can’t wait for winter
Sonia Day and Ollie get ready to haul another pile of weeds away.