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an old map shows the location of some major cities and rivers in minnesota, michigan, and indiana
an aerial view of a highway intersection in the country
the sun is setting over water with snow on the ground
a long wooden dock extending into the water
a person standing on a pier looking out at the water with clouds in the sky
a double rainbow is seen over houses on a cloudy day
the mountains are covered in snow and have names written on them for each mountain range
the sun is shining over water with a dock in the foreground and trees on the other side
autumn leaves on the ground and trees near water
the front page of an old newspaper with pictures of children on it and other items
the mountains are covered in snow and trees
the mountains are covered in fog and low lying clouds as they rise into the sky
a lake with houses on the shore and boats in the water under a cloudy sky
the night sky is filled with stars above snow covered mountains
the mountains are covered with snow and trees in the foreground is a pine forest