Paint these little rocks and place them back outside for random people to find. It could make someone's day. :)

10 Valentine's Day Projects For Kids - I love the rocks! We used to make painted rock animals when i was a kid. Kristy Langdon via Jennifer Snyder onto Heart and Candys could only mean Valentines.

Leica makes my heart go pitter-pater.

1956 Pink Leica Double Stroke Camera, picture courtesy of Paul Cuthbert by way of Miss Moss

Diet Pepsi

They say the average American drinks 56 gallons of soda pop a year.I'm thinking I don't fit in the average category because it feels like I drink that much Diet Pepsi in a month LOL!


Easy, Affordable Dorm DIYs Apartment Therapy Video Roundup - easy light switch plates made in a few minutes - definitely make for kids rooms

Blackberry :-)

Best phone in the World! Love my phone!

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