Paint these little rocks and place them back outside for random people to find. It could make someone's day. :)

My nephew found a 'love rock' last week and was so excited. That joy alone was enough to make me paint rocks for someone else to smile at. FEBRUARY LOVE PROJECT collect rocks paint hearts on them place them back outside where people can find them

Leica makes my heart go pitter-pater.

1956 Pink Leica Double Stroke Camera, picture courtesy of Paul Cuthbert by way of Miss Moss

lace tape

designs that inspire to create your perfect home: 12 More Creative Gift-wrap Ideas for Christmas

Tim Hortons!!  I'll have a medium double-double please! :D

I *heart* Tim Hortons! Wore the Jersey for the Buffalo Sabres until his death. We still miss you Timmy!

Diet Pepsi

They say the average American drinks 56 gallons of soda pop a year.I'm thinking I don't fit in the average category because it feels like I drink that much Diet Pepsi in a month LOL!


Setting Up Home: Student Style from Our House Tours

Easy, Affordable Dorm DIYs Apartment Therapy Video Roundup - easy light switch plates made in a few minutes - definitely make for kids rooms