Freedom Tree's Wonderland collection.

So what interests me most about these dishes are their unique simplicity. I love the gaze work on them and they appear to simply be hand painted. I would love to incorporate this bright but detailed imaging in some of my work.

Karen millar ceramins, "pod series"

Delicate yet strong. This is the “Pod Series” by Australian ceramicist Karen Millar. She explores “the relationship between growth and decay, loss and hope, soft and hard, vulnerable and defensive, li

Porcelain paper dolls by Sonia Pulido - WHAT?!

A paper doll… made from porcelain. This is the work of Barcelona based artist/illustrator Sonia Pulido. All of her work, but especially the ceramic pieces, are so whimsical, feminine,

3foot cermaic necklace by Katy Krantz

Stunning ceramic necklaces… that happen to be up to 3 feet in length. This is the organic, delicate, beautiful, large-scale work of Seattle based ceramics artist Katy Krantz.

katharine morling turns black and white line drawings into porcelain

Black and white line drawings that have magically become beautiful porcelain objects. Ok, it wasn’t magic, it was UK based artist Katharine Morling

Stoneware and porcelain (?!!) installation by courtney mattison

Beautiful and sad all in one glance. This is a glazed stoneware and porcelain installation by American artist/ocean advocate Courtney Mattison, titled “Our Changing Seas III”. Here are her eloq

Planter by Tamago Ceramics

I'm loving the new wave of ceramics coming from New Zealand makers. My latest find is Tamago Ceramics , by Wellington .