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Repair Peeling Leather with our Leather Dye Repair Kit ( Maroon Brown-B ) and our Leather Repair Filler Kit. (kits sold separately ) To purchase products - c.

Conventional dryer sheets have a nasty list of negative health effects but these easy non-toxic dryer sheets are the perfect alternative! via /thesoftlanding/

PERSONAL- These reusable, non-toxic dryer sheets would be super beneficial. I would save money and not have to throw away as many dryer sheets into the garbage and earth. These would also be a more healthy option to let my family use.

How to Pack a Perfect Mason Jar Salad #Salad #HealthyLunch #EatClean

DIY How to Pack a Mason Jar Salad.Image and how-to from Julia Mirabella: Mason Jar Salads and More: 50 Layered Lunches to Grab and Go. For an easy infographic on how to pack a mason jar salad, check out this one out from eat within your means.