Are you looking for a fun Canada Day craft to do or some ideas for making unique and truly Canadian decorations for a party? Add a touch of Canadian...

Canada Day Crafts: How To Make A Sugar Cube Igloo - because Canada is synonymous with Igloos


Attainable Eats: Simple Canada Day Cake

Attainable Eats: Simple Canada Day Cake red velvet and vanilla cake :) The Wise Sage Canada Day

Where do YOU wear your TEAM CANADA pride?? Be creative!

Community Post: 30 Canadatastic DIY-Able Manicures For Canada Day

Canada Eh to Zed ☑

Canada Eh to Zed . Oh how I miss Poutine, double doubles, and the only thing this is missing is TimBits!


Everyone knows the "How Canadians spell Canada" joke. So if that's true that they must know the Eh B C's.


This Canadian cities subway style sign is fun because you can highlight your city in red.

Customize Your Home Is Where The Heart Is  Canada

I am a sucker for anything that has a heart on it, and these custom maps are no exception. You pick the map and where you would like a heart to mark the spot of your favorite romantic city.

Does this shirt make me look Canadian?

White Dark T-Shirt