Remembrance Day "recipe for peace"

Nice wee activity in relation to Remembrance - children were told the story of how the war ended on the day, month on the hour and there was peace. Provoked them to think about what helps us find peace.

Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath ‹ Mama. Papa. Bubba.Mama. Papa. Bubba.

10 Poppy Crafts for Remembrance Day or Veteran's Day; great poppy crafts for all-ages that can be done with supplies you already have.

ANZAC Day poppy craft - paper poppy made out of cupcake cases - from BeAFunMum

anzac day poppy craft for kids--So easy and we still have them out in a jar displayed since Veteran's Day two years ago.

Veterans Day Craft-Soldiers

Soldier Craft

Easy soldier craft for little ones to do for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or other patriotic activities

Veteran's Day Writing Paper {FREEBIE}

Use this freebie as a letter to say thank you to our country's servicemen and servicewomen or a Veteran's Day/Memorial Day writing project!

Veterans Day Craft- Cork Painted Poppy  created after reading the book The Poppy Lady

Veterans Day Craft- Cork Painted Poppy: We created this poppy after reading the book The Poppy Lady. It is a wonderful book about how the poppy became associated with Veterans Day.