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Learning how to create and stick to a budget is an important piece in the financial literacy puzzle. Learning how to budget will help your kids to use their money better, save more and more frequently as well as it sets them on a firm financial footing for later in life.

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Spending Tracker

Activity Name: Spending Tracker, Objective: To teach children how to be money smart; how to budget, save and spend and still be financially successful., Description: Have your kids create a spending tracker. The children will be responsible for filling it out and updating it whenever they make mone

Spending Sheet - Show your kids how to track and manage their expenses using excel. Activities For Teens, Literacy Activities, Excel Cheat Sheet, Computer Literacy, Computer Tips, Accounting Career, Summer Lesson, Excel Hacks, Used Computers

Spending Sheet

Activity Name: Spending Sheet, Objective: To help children to keep track of their spending habits while using/familiarizing themselves with spreadsheets., Description: Track your monthly expenses (i.e. your spending each month) using Microsoft Excel. Steps: 1. Open Microsoft Excel. 2. Create a n

Making A Purchase - To teach kids to be smart consumers. Financial Literacy, Activity Days, Teaching Kids, Activities For Kids, Budgeting, How To Make, Children Activities, Budget Organization, Kid Activities
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Making A Purchase

Activity Name: Making A Purchase, Objective: To teach kids to be smart consumers., Description: Your child wants to make a significant purchase. Use your child's dream purchase an opportunity to show him/her how to be a smart consumer. Steps: 1. Discuss the item your child wants to purchase. Ask

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Make A Smart Purchase

Activity Name: Make A Smart Purchase, Objective: To teach your child or teen to be a smart consumer., Description: Whether you want to buy a new computer, a tablet, a cell phone, a designer handbag or a car the process for being a smart consumer is the same. Steps: 1. Answer the following for you

Grocery Store Field Trip - To familiarize children with the concepts of budgeting, saving and spending.

Grocery Store Field Trip

Activity Name: Grocery Store Field Trip, Objective: To familiarize children with the concepts of budgeting, saving and spending., Description: Going to the Grocery Store is a great opportunity to teach your children about budgeting and spending. Steps: 1. Before you leave the house, work with you

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Food Court Budget

Activity Name: Food Court Budget, Objective: To teach your children how to budget., Description: During a trip to the mall try this simple budgeting exercise. Steps: 1. Go to a mall food court and take out a five dollar bill. You can have anything that you want at the food court but you can't spe

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our most popular and effective activities for teaching your kids how to budget. Excel Budget Sheet In the Excel Budget Shee Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, P90x Workout Sheets, Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet, Application Utile, Budget Sheets, Exam Answer, Excel Budget, Bug Out Bag

Excel Budget Sheet

Activity Name: Excel Budget Sheet, Objective: To give kids a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and its capabilities., Description: Create your own budget sheet using Microsoft Excel. Steps: 1. Calculate, on average, how much you make per month. 2. In Excel create a column for expenses (grocer

Coupon Binder How to Divide Coupons coupon organization

Coupon Binder

Activity Name: Coupon Binder, Objective: To help kids learn to save money by organizing coupons into their own coupon binder., Description: One very easy way to save money is to use coupons. Because coupons are difficult to keep track of it is recommended that you organize them into a coupon binder

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Clothes Shopping: Name Brand vs Generic

Activity Name: Clothes Shopping: Name Brand vs Generic, Objective: Encourage children to shop smarter by finding similar "must have items" that are generic brands., Description: Steps: 1. Gather some fashion magazines and pick out clothes that you want to own. 2. Write down the brand name and the

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Budget Field Trip

Activity Name: Budget Field Trip, Objective: Have a fun day out where kids will learn about budgeting!, Description: Steps: 1. Save up your money or have your parents set a budget for the day. 2. Choose where you would like to go or what you would like to do (mall, zoo, movies, playground, amusem

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Budget Bedroom

Activity Name: Budget Bedroom, Objective: A great way to teach children about budgeting while allowing them to redecorate their bedroom., Description: Have fun re-decorating your bedroom on a budget. Steps: 1. Save up money or have your parents set a budget for your project. 2. Create your drea

BMO Monthly Budget Calculator - To help kids stay in control of their monthly income and expenses.

BMO Monthly Budget Calculator

Activity Name: BMO Monthly Budget Calculator, Objective: To help kids stay in control of their monthly income and expenses., Description: Try this calculator from the Bank od Montreal to get a better understanding of your monthly income and expenses. Steps: 1. Go to the