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Bates Motel Season 1, "Norma Bates" - Mother of the year, she's not. I love her clothes, though, and her hair always looks flawless.

Vera Farmiga plays Norma Louise Bates, mother of Norman Bates in A’s “Bates Motel,” a prequel series to “Psycho.

We printed this shirt for proud gay and lesbian parents everywhere!  Enjoy!  Organic toddler t-shirt for parents with open minds and hearts<3

I am being raised with an open heart and mind for kids with open minded parents. We printed this for families like us including families with gay dads and lesbian moms!

Doll Suitcase. So wonderful.

DIY Doll Suitcase (tutorial) I would love to make one of these. (I know I could find the suitcase at Roxy's in Norman, OK) But let's be real. I won't be that ambitious until my kids are grown and I want a fun project to make for my grandkids.