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Do you know your U.S. Flag etiquette? Here are American Flag Guidelines.

This is an example of patriotic appeal because the U. flag represents our country. Anything that has something to do with positive ideas about America would be considered flag waving or patriotic.

"Regret is the longing to change the past.  Fear is the desire to control the future.  Depression is the stagnation of trying to keep life at bay.  Freedom is a thrilling free-fall into the juicy aliveness of Now."

"This image is inspirational, it shows a fence that is still, the fence is broken off and the bits that are broken off are birds flying away, it shows that if you are at a dead end in life you can always get away, theres always an up.

6.28.1919 - The peace Treaty of Versailles was signed at the end of WWI, ending the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers five years after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The other Central Powers on the German side of WWI were dealt with in separate treaties. The armistice signed on 11.11.1918, ended the actual fighting, but it took six months of negotiations at the Paris Peace Conference to conclude the peace treaty.

Treaty of Versailles after Germany has to pay an universally expensive amount of money, Austria-Hungarian Empire had to turn in to a smaller countries and also same thing goes to the Ottoman Empire.