Rug Tufting Inspiration

A selection of gorgeous tufted rugs for the pleasure of your eyes. Find rug design inspiration among these modern rugs and carpets made by creative textile…
30 Pins
a roll of toilet paper sitting on top of a counter next to a tall vase
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an empty room with a chair and table in the corner, next to a large arch
an empty room with two stools and a rug
an area rug with different colors and shapes on the floor next to a white table
Tropico Landscape — rrres
a chair sitting on top of a wooden floor in front of a wall with paintings
20 beaux tapis pour le salon à tomber par terre !
a yellow area rug is in the middle of a room with a green chair and large window
Signs wool rug with silk decors - Paola Lenti
two blue and gold rugs sitting on top of a white floor next to each other
Carpets Toundra - Bleu (FT270001)
a piece of art that is on the wall
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a living room area with colorful rugs and lamps
Tropico Landscape — rrres
several pieces of art hanging on the wall next to each other in an empty room
Patcha Square Solid | cc-tapis